Tuesday, 19 March 2019
Case Studies

Case Study One  see full details

Pulse Data International (PDI)

The Business: Product Development

Based in Christchurch, New Zealand; Pulse data International designs and
manufactures innovative technology for people who are blind and visually

"The team finds it simple and quick to use, and I
can produce the monthly and project reports I need. It's made my work simpler
and saved time for all concerned from what we used in the past (Lotus)"

Chris Glenn, Pulse Data International

Case Study Two  see full details

Airways (NZ)

The Business: Product Development / External Charging  

Airways New Zealand has led the world in designing, creating and implementing
innovative, ANS-specific technological solutions.

"Working in New Zealand and around the world,
Airways New Zealand offers its customers and business partners an unrivalled
depth of expertise as a fully commercial Air Navigation Services provider,
delivered by skilled and experienced professionals."

Case Study Three  see full details

Edutech KM 

The Business: Contracting Company 

Edutech KM is a multimedia and knowledge management company specialising in the
design of fully customised online learning and knowledge management systems.

"Edutech KM was created with the goal of delivering
simple, effective knowledge management solutions that become key operational
tool in our clients' businesses. These tools improve business efficiency and
ensure the right information is available on a daily and ongoing basis"



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