Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Airways (NZ)


"Working in New Zealand and around the world, Airways New Zealand offers its customers and business partners an unrivalled depth of expertise as a fully commercial Air Navigation Services provider, supported by a proud 15-year history of safe and reliable operational performance delivered by skilled and experienced professionals."

The Business: Product Development / External Charging

Airways New Zealand has led the world in designing, creating and implementing
innovative, ANS-specific technological solutions. Airways’ development programme is
driven by its clients’ needs for quality service at a price that represents value.
Innovations have included the award-winning Oceanic Control System (Oceans 21).


Their Needs:

Airways NZ has pushed to increase quality and standards
within its organisation. Interacting with its external customers and strategic
partners drive it to increase quality of communications and project management.


TimeVu Benefits:

TimeVu lets Airways follow internal, external, maintenance, and support
that it runs. When internal/external customers are calling for
, Airways management can easily find where a project is as well as
knowing who is working on the systems and when the work was carried out.


Reviewing historic information lets them see when particular work is being completed.
All this information can be relayed to the customer in the form of
reports of progress.

Internal/external customer interactions, with respect to the project progress,
is viewable to all members of the team. This lets the team stay up to date with all of
the latest movements by simply reviewing the project information.

TimeVu is especially useful as a mechanism for checking how
long things have taken:

- For capitalised labour.

- For estimates of labour that will be required
for new work of a similar nature.


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