Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Pulse Data International (PDI)


"The team finds it simple and quick to use, and I
can produce the monthly and project reports I need. It's made my work simpler
and saved time for all concerned from what we used in the past (Lotus)"

Chris Glenn, Pulse Data International

The Business: Product Development

Based in Christchurch, New Zealand; Pulse data International designs and
manufactures innovative technology for people who are blind and visually

Formed in 1988, Pulse Data now exports approximately 98% of its products
worldwide to more than 30 countries. Sales offices have been established in the
United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Sweden, The Netherlands, Australia and
New Zealand and the company supports a strong distribution network throughout
North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.


Their Needs

To control and manage the project life cycles of the products
they produce.


TimeVu Benefits

Lets them follow the real lifecycle of a project, and compare this with
the estimated values. Being easy to use, the project team members book time as
they work. This gives accurate and reliable real-time results to compare
instantly with the estimated values. The project can be monitored from start to
finish and its progress followed across its lifecycle and across the team


TimeVu shows up any project slippage, which can be monitored daily and
so can be seen early. Using TimeVu data project reviews can consider
real events and real data.

Post project reviews are carried out to monitor problems that have crept
in and stop them from recurring in future projects. By saving project
histories, this information can be examined for quality assessments of project
and project outcome.

TimeVu’s creators, OmegaTech, worked closely with PDI to allow its blind
and visually impaired team members to use the product.


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