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About time accounting

Questions about the different

Day to day activities

Setting up Projects

End of Month / Billing

Improving How You work


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About time accounting [TOP]

Questions about the different components

Day to day activities [TOP]

Setting up Projects [TOP]

End of Month / Billing [TOP]

Improving How You work

Troubleshooting  [TOP]

Setup and Deployment  [TOP]

Hardware Requirements [TOP]

OS & Software Requirements [TOP]

Software Integration [TOP]

TimeVu Client Features [TOP]

About time accounting

What is time accounting? [TOP]

Time accounting is concerned with organising, recording,
and managing how people in your organisation use their time. Its a record of
day to day work activities at one end, and a strategic tool to see business
unit performance at the other.

Why is it important? [TOP]

Time accounting is important because the ability to plan,
and achieve planned objectives relies on knowing how things *actually* turn

It benefits those at the coalface by justifying and improving estimates.
It benefits management by completing the loop on planning decisions
or following the progress of a project.

We are a group doing internal work for a larger company- is it useful for us?

As an internal customer you may not think you have the essential financial demands of end of month billing perhaps. However, controlling costs and finding improvements in planning are just as important
for your group as well.

Questions about the different components

I just want the TimeVu Client applications such as the time sheeting application- can I do without the Project Centre Application? [TOP]

No the client is used to setup projects and use for day-to-day entries. 

However, You can set limited functionality on the application by setting user

Also, you can also use a web version of the time-sheeting which will
allow only entering timesheets and viewing project information.

The role of the user can be set in two ways, either

  • From the  Employees information summary - change the selection
    in the combo box.  Note that there must be at least on person set
    to the role of "Super User" which is the role that allows full control. 

  • You can set the user\role for every user in the form under the menu
    Administrator\Manage Roles.

You can view the security levels for each form  from the menu
Administrator\View Security Rights

I don't have Microsoft Sql Server licence - can I still use the application?
You can use the free version of SQL Server known as  SQL Express - a free runtime version of SQL Server. 
You can download and install a version of SQL Express directly from the
Microsoft site (www.microsoft.com)

What are the advantages of using SQL Server  as the database? [TOP]

SQL Server  is a very powerful, scalable solution. The
Express runtime version of SQL Server provides full client server performance to let TimeVu scale out to many many users

Day to day activities
How much time does it take to use this system? [TOP]

We have worked very hard to make the TimeVu application as *intuitive* and quick-to-use as possible.v
For timesheets - its just a click, a drag, a comment, and you are done.

To create projects you can either create them directly in the project
centre, or you can import projects from Microsoft Project.

What is the quickest way of filling out my timesheets? [TOP]

There is a few ways of putting in your timesheets - they are;

  • Use them mouse to paint the sheet entry on to a dayview.
  • You could run the auto timer (works like a stop watch).
  • You can Copy and Paste.
  • You can schedule repeating times.

We have users who work at home or off site - how do they fill out timesheets? [TOP]

The application works well over low speed direct connections.

Also, there is a  Web interface that allows intranet / internet access if configured by your web site administrator.
Setting up Projects

I do my project planning with MS Project - how can I import my data? [TOP]

You can import the Tasks and Team allocations from a MS Project [98, 2000, 2007] project into a TimeVu project. The 2 projects can then be kept in synch, and progress updated back to MS Project from TimeVu.

I don't use MS Project - can I still use the application?

Certainly. You can create projects very simply via a single click.

What reports are there to help my project planning

Lots of charting type reports via MS Excel, as well as
xml  style reports, and at-a-glance queries. You can also write your
own custom reports and queries since the database is open.


End of Month / Billing
How can I get the admin department integrated with this application? [TOP]

You can provide them the TimeVu Project Centre application so that they can generate their own reports.

What control do I have over cost rates of different employees?

You can set a billing rate factor for individual employees. You can also create different orders for projects with different billing rates

I always have to adjust things at month end - can I do this
? [TOP]

Experience shows that things never usually work out quite how we want! So a Move Timesheets wizard can help you easily sort out misallocations. 

Improving How You work
I want to see how much time my staff spend on admin related work? [TOP]

This is the sort of reporting provided by TimeVu that is the ideal output of a time accounting system. "Where did all the time go?" is a catch-cry. You can follow time allocations by project or business unit, work type or employee - its all there.
Setup and Deployment

What software goes on the server and what on the client ?[TOP]

Each client installs a version of the TimeVu Project Centre - this application is used to create timesheets, setup projects, create reports, analyse the data generate tasks, create change requests.

A server houses the  TimeVu Database (either SQL Express or SQL Server).

The TimeVu Project Centre is required to setup projects, create reports, analyse the data etc. 

Hardware Requirements
What Hardware does the system need? [TOP]

Server : Pentium CPU, 64 MB Ram, Client : Pentium CPU, 32 MB Ram
OS & Software Requirements

What Software does TimeVu need? [TOP]

TimeVu requires Microsoft OS, Sql Server

Software Integration
What other software products does TimeVu integrate with? [TOP]

TimeVu integrates with Microsoft Project allowing you bi-directional updates, keeping your project plans in synch.

TimeVu also allows you to send data to Excel.
TimeVu Client Features
I want to track time in different increments - what can I use? [TOP]

TimeVu can be set to track with minimum increments of 15 mins or 6 minutes. Once this value is set you cannot then change.

15 minute increments lets you view the data as 15, 30, or 60 minute blocks, while 6 minute increments let you view the data as 6, 12, or 30 minute blocks.

I want to just punch the clock in the morning and time as I go - how can I do this? [

TimeVu has an "Auto-Timer" feature that lets you set a clock running. You can leave this running while you work, while your on the phone to a client, or to measure any time where you need to just start a clock running.
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