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Feature History - TimeVu

Version 3.4 - Aug 2011

  • Web Based timesheet interface added,  Written using ASP.NET and running in IIS.  See online demo by clicking : Online Demo [Login by selecting one of the names in the pull down selector - the password is the persons first name]

Version 3.4 - Aug 2010

  • Change timesheet interface to dotnet removing c++ code
  • Change auto-timer to dotnet

Version 3.4 - Feb 2009

  • Additional reporting
  • Invoicing from Timesheets
  • Expenses Added

Version 3.0 - August 2007

  • Change focus to Project bias
  • Reinvent the Project Centre interface
  • Merge Manager and Application into single application

Version 2.4 - Dec 2006

  • Additional Search facility - Quick Search
  • Query Search methodology changed to clarify
  • Project Workspace added for ease of navigation (Enterprise version only)
  • Project Information dialog user interface changed to make for easier use
  • Project Location links added - create links to files, directories, web urls, ftp sites, Outlook, Microsoft project files.
  • Search over project locations - files, Microsoft Source safe, Outlook.
  • Project Managers now have TimeVu manager link appearing on the task menu
  • Quick link tool bar added to Timesheet dialog
  • Ability to attach change request items to  timesheet entries
  • Ability to attach a File reference to a change request
  • Ability to associate comments to task items
  • Contacts - arrange contacts with respect to Business Types
  • Manage contact business types to give you your own types


Version 2.2 - March 2004
  • Increased search facilites - search within timesheets, change requests, comments, contacts
  • Email Notification for change request entry - configurable
  • Timesheet entries linked to tasks or change requests
  • Logon Security
  • Faster database interactions, increased efficiency with SQL Server interactions
  • Wider range of project information shown to the users
  • Greater amount of user customisation
  • FAQ comment type
  • Client user able to manipulate project task information
  • Increase in ability to share information with other tools through the use of clipboard and XML
  • User customisation of information through XSLT creation
  • Increase level of reporting through Microsoft Excel
Version 2.1 - May 2003
  • Keyboard entry for all timesheet functions
  • JAWS build Accessiblity features added
  • JAWS build Blind additions allowing interaction with JAWS blind reader.

Feature History - TimeVu Manager

Version 2.3 - March 2004
  • Invoicing wizard, create invoices directly from project timesheet entries
  • Support for departments - simplifying staff organisation
  • Support for change requests
  • Increased ease of management for project, employess, and invoicing with new forms.
  • Logon Security incorporating NT Security
  • Increased level of reporting - Quickview reports, increased reporting to Excel
  • Configuration wizard improvement - allowing easier initial setup and configuration
  • Improved Microsoft Project interface
Version 2.1 - May 2003
  • Explorer data viewer see here
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