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  is a project management and time accounting package. It lets managers plan projects and tasks, and team members record time spent against a variety of these projects and tasks. A key feature is its speed and ease of use - essential for keeping the users happy about using it, whilst capturing all the information that managers need to monitor and improve their projects.


Who is this product for?

  product is for managers of development groups, consultancy, or professional services that want to improve visibility and reporting about what their teams are doing. This product will appeal to managers who want to have information that is accurate and always up to date; and that is easily available to both the team members and other managers. It integrates very well with Microsoft Project to provide actual time used on project tasks by the team. Any manager currently using monthly Excel or Lotus spreadsheets for their teams will appreciate the benefits of using this type of software.

Why was it developed?

  was developed to meet the needs of consultancy and development teams in NZ. It now uses a SQL Server database for increased performance to handle larger organizations.

Key features and the benefits:
The real benefit of time accounting is that it generates actual figures, which can be included in business decision-making. The obvious one is billing customers,but other common situations would be hiring staff and purchasing/contracting out of development work/services.

When we consider time accounting, the main benefits of TimeVu are: 
Track admin time to see if it is worth hiring a part time/full time assistant. (save manager's time)
Track support call / customer help time to see if it is worth hiring (save developers' time)
 Track costs of internal development - see if it would be worth purchasing a product component or contract development to 3rd party for particular items ( keep team focus on core competency)
When we consider project management, the main benefits of TimeVu are:
To see how long projects or features take.
Tight Integration with Microsoft Project.
For rest of team to know what the developer(s) are up to as they work on the project.
Audit trail for billing this work on to a customer; as a record of what was done, and when.
Comments, Locations, Change request repositories so you never lose important project information.

Management Features / Benefits Users Features / Benefits

Full featured trial version - try-before-you-buy Easy accurate timesheet entry
Team members are defined for each project, and only they can book time against the project Daily Timesheet entry - diary based day view makes it easy to see any unbooked time
Import / Export from Microsoft Project so that actual time can be fed back to a project plan. Project colours for easy project selection
Definable project templates for easy setup of Task, Teams, etc One-click and drag timesheet creation

Use as either 15 minute or 6 minute minimum booking intervals

Auto-timer [punch clock]

Invoice directly from timesheets and track which timesheets have been invoiced

Timesheets can only be booked to active projects

Add Project Expenses and track what have been invoiced

Employees only see those projects that they are team members for.

Easily track Actuals versus Estimates

Copy and Paste facility plus Schedule facility
Reporting tools Application minimises to task icon (system tray) for easy/fast use
Interface with Excel to easily export data. Property settings allow user to customise look-and-feel for the way they prefer to work
  Web version available with all the same look and feel (requires IE 5 or better)


Many Reporting Options including

Project reports listing team, timesheets, tasks etc
Actual versus Estimate reports
Reports exportable to Excel
Group projects into departments or cost areas for reporting purposes
OLAP analysis services for SQL Server
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