Tuesday, 19 March 2019
Internal Costs

What are the true costs of timekeeping for a small business? 

 15 minutes per person per week to fill out timesheet

 30 minutes / person / week uninvoiced time lost

 1 hours administration /support / week

 30 minutes / week manipulating invoice values to suit project requirements

 1 hour /month collating figures for monthly reporting

So what takes all the time?

time taken for staff to enter details [finding cost codes, checking budgets, entering lines in spreadsheet]

 time taken to collate spreadsheets for totals for month and year, fix mistakes, chase staff, query staff, etc 

 time taken to invoice customers, doing invoicing (mail merge?) and printing

 handling customer enquiries about billing

 keeping track of total costs / hours across multiple billing periods(eg long project)

 keeping track of hours mid billing period across multiple staff (eg concern about going over budget)

 mix-ups with billing to the wrong code

 tracking down customer billing queries (e.g. mid period from staff)

 monthly reporting of hours/costs/income

Whaddya mean we didn't invoice that time?!!?

 failing to bill all work to customers

 forget to bill customers / bill late

 not billing phone calls, etc,"because its too fiddly"


 10 staff, individual excel spreadsheet per person

 monthly billing /weekly timesheets

 20 projects active at any time

 4 customer billing queries per month

So what have you not had time to do?

 estimates versus actuals

 post project reviews



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