Sunday, 24 February 2019
Problems with other methods of project management / timesheet entry?

Do any of the following sound familiar...

    Time-consuming preparation of Excel spreadsheets each week/month.

    Annoying timesheet entry.

    Double entry overhead.

    Data entry errors (human error).

    Non-specific information for the user - other people's projects.

    Administration overhead to keep projects valid and up-to-date.

    Large overhead bringing in new team members.

    Distribution overhead / updating information to the users / getting data back to a central repository for analysis.

    Replication errors when merging copies.

    Weekly or Monthly overhead to get up-to-date figures.

    Administration overhead to get users to enter valid data.

    Limited data analysis.

    Difficulty following project progress.

    Out-of-date data for projecting future plans.

    Project slippage that can never be identified.

    Lack of Project Audit trail.

    No opportunity for comments concerning specific work.

    Microsoft Project plans that are never up to date with progress.

    Distributed project information that is forever getting lost or is difficult to find.

 Save time, get organised, and use real data to analyse project progress ...


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