Tuesday, 19 March 2019
Web Module

The web module allows TimeVu to be available everywhere within your organisation. 
With the custom TimeVu  timesheet control it has the same ease of use as the Windows application [See here for a screen shot], but can be made available across your intranet or to internet users.  

A great help for companies with staff working off site, or wanting a simple deployment mechanism.

TimeVu Web Client

Online Demo

If you have IE 8 or later as a browser, and you would like to see our online demo of TimeVu, then go here.

This demo lets you add times easily for a number of timesheet entries using the same intuitive graphical control as for the TimeVu Windows application.

Login by selecting one of the names in the pull down selector  - the password is the persons first name e.g.

  • Name: Jim Ford  Password: Jim
  • Name : Mark Mann  Password: Mark
  • Name: Jane Test  Password: Jane

In this demo - any changes that you make  are only made in your session, so are not stored, or kept for anyone else to see - so feel free to make as many timesheet entries as you like, delete, move, copy and paste.

In the real application, these entries would be kept and stored in the database.



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