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Web Module Help

The TimeVu Web module bolts on to the TimeVu Application  allowing timesheet entry remotely across the web.  

You can view and online demo here : Online Demo

 The interface allows; 

  • View; by double click,

  • Edit; by double-click or right hand mouse menu,

  • Add; by click and drag, single click, or right hand mouse menu,

  • Delete; by clicking on the 'x' or by right hand mouse menu,

  • Move; by dragging to new slot,

  • Cut and Paste; by right hand mouse menu.



 To create a new entry from scratch you need to;

  1. Select the correct date in the date navigator on the left.

  2. Select a project in the list to the right of the screen if it current
    active project is not the one you want to create an entry for.  The
    active project is listed at the top of the box, and is also highlighted with
    a black border.

  3.  Do one of the following things;

    • hold the left mouse button down and drag the mouse over the background grid,

    • or hold the right mouse button and select from the menu 'Create new entry",

    • or double click on the background grid.

To create a new entry from an existing one - copy and paste;

  1. Left click on the existing entry you want to copy;

  2. Open the right hand mouse menu by pressing on the right hand mouse button,

  3. Select 'Copy',

  4. Move the mouse to the area you want to paste and left click selecting the area,

  5. Open the right hand mouse menu by pressing on the right hand mouse button,

  6. Select 'Paste'.




When you edit an existing entry or create a new one, you will be
presented with a information entry box to log further information such as comments, or date,order, task, or work type.

These will be automatically filled by defaults setup in TimeVu;


The Properties Tab  give view options to allow the page to change; 

  • View Type:

    • Full Week View

    • Work Week View

    • Day View

  • Grid Size.


 The View Types option allows viewing in more detail for example, 

Day View shows a single day;




Right Hand Mouse Menu

The right hand mouse menu is context sensitive and gives a different menu if
you click on the background or on an entry.

 If you open the right hand mouse menu on the background you get the options

  • Create new entry

  • Paste - if you have already copied previously

  • Show selection details - give information about what area is selected -
    usually the blue marked area

  • Clean selection - sometimes an area is selected and is not highlighted
    in blue.  If this happens you may find you cannot create an entry in
    this area.  When this happens clear the selections by selecting the
    option on the menu.  You will then find you can then create an entry

If you open the right hand mouse menu on an entry you get the options to: 

  • Edit

  • Copy

  • Delete



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